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  1. thedailydoodles said: Yesssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss! —DMC
  2. walkingbarefootnow said: Awesome list, man. Must’ve taken a long time! Thanks for sharing it with us. Gonna be working my way through it hoping to find some gems :D
  3. awewakemysoul said: Thank you so much for including me on the list. I’m humbled.
  4. nicksphotograph said: Thanks for making this list Alejandro! And thanks for including me. There are a bunch of blogs I’ve never seen before. I can’t wait to go through it more thoroughly tonight.
  5. sarelli said: Thank you! You’re very sweet =)
  6. tannerblog said: Great list and thanks dude!!!
  7. pernette said: thanks for including me!!! I’m starting slowly to go through all the list now :D I immediately followed some of them!
  8. riverflowsthroughit said: you are too kind, my friend. thank you so much for recommending …I will have to dedicate an hour and go through everyone’s pages. I already followed / “discovered” a couple of keepers! so thanks again (always! for your support!!!) cheers,Olga
  9. santigarciaphotography said: Muchas gracias Alejandro :)
  10. laviebelem said: Wow! Quite the list, Alejandro. Thanks for including me :)
  11. tzekomah said: Hola alejandro. Tengo astrenimiento seeing the list. The font is talla chica but its awesome! I will be checking oout some blogs listed. Gracias for the shoutout on my blog. Salud zeek p/s: im learning mex-spanish fr my lonely planet apps fr iphone
  12. photosbycalvin said: Great list! Thanks!
  13. insightfullens said: Thank you!
  14. lovekimiko said: Thanks :)
  15. nathanielatakora said: Thanks man, means a lot
  16. thepakman said: Two of my chubby thumbz up!! ♪
  17. chasingwendy said: Thank you! We follow a few of the same photo blogs :)
  18. christiancreates said: Thanks Alejandro!
  19. myinfiniteinfinity said: Thanks! :D
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